Rock Climber Rescued After 30-Foot Fall

On Nov. 19, Boulder County Communications was notified of a climber who had taken a big fall and sustained a head injury while climbing on The Dome in Colorado’s Boulder Canyon. According to a press release from Boulder County Search and Rescue, the 39-year-old male was leading when he lost his footing and fell.

While falling, some of his trad gear pulled from the route resulting in him falling approximately 30 feet before his climbing partner was able to arrest his fall. The climber sustained serious injuries during the fall and was not able to walk to the trail head.

Rescuers arrived on the scene quickly and located the injured climber. Upon arriving at the climbers, rescuers began providing additional medical care for the injured climber. They were joined shortly after by paramedics. The injured climber was stabilised and packaged into a full body vacuum splint and litter. An evacuation was conducted to bring the injured climber down through the technical terrain and out to the Boulder Creek Path.

The climber was evacuated to the road and loaded into the ambulance. He was transported to a local area hospital for further medical care and evaluation. Several agencies were involved with this rescue, including: The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Boulder Emergency Squad, City of Boulder Open Space Mountain Parks Rangers, Four Mile Fire Protection District, Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, Sunshine Fire Protection District, and American Medical Response.

Rescuers from Four Mile Fire, Sunshine Fire, and Rocky Mountain Rescue Group

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