Brooke Raboutou Flashes V12/13

Brooke Raboutou has made two impressive first-attempt sends in Switzerland. While in Ticino, she flashed Darkness V12 (8A+) and Nascondino V12/13 (8A+/B). With Nascondino, Raboutou is likely the first woman ever to flash a boulder graded above V12. Other than Raboutou, three woman have flashed V12 – Ashima Shiraishi, Charlotte André, and Janja Garnbret.

Although Raboutou has spent most of her time training and participating in IFSC competitions this year, she’s still had some big sends on rock. She recently repeated Box Therapy in Colorado, downgrading the problem from V16 to V15. She also made a one-day ascent of Traphouse V13.

At the World Championships in Bern this year, Raboutou won bronze in the Boulder event. In the Boulder World Cup, she won gold in Hachioji and bronze in Seoul and Salt Lake City. She also won bronze at the Lead World Cup in Villars. She placed 2nd at the Pan American games, just missing out on an Olympic Qualifying spot. We can all expect to see Raboutou at the Olympic Qualifyier Series in early 2024.

You can watch Raboutou flash Darkness and Nascondino in her Instagram videos below:

Brooke Raboutou Sends Traphouse V13 in a Day

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