Amity Warme Climbs 25-Pitch Yosemite 5.13c

In a big week of sends on El Capitan, Amity Warme has reported that she’s climbed El Niño with via the Pineapple Express variation. The 25-pitch route goes at 5.13c. The route was recently climbed by Angus Kille and Hazel Findlay, with Kille redpointing every pitch and Findlay sending all but two.

Pineapple Express was opened by Canadian Sonnie Trotter in 2018. The climb is technically a three-pitch variation to El Niño VI 5.13c. Trotter established the route over a few seasons with Alex Honnold, and then sent it in a 13-hour push with Tommy Caldwell supporting. Honnold and Brad Gobright made the second ascent of Pineapple Express in 2019.

Warme is one of America’s most accomplished trad climbers, with an impressive list of repeats and first ascents. In Yosemite, she’s climbed Father Time 5.13b 20 pitches, Golden Gate 5.13a 36 pitches ground-up, Freerider 5.13a 31 pitches (twice), NIAD at 11:45, The Niels Tietze Memorial Route AKA The Nexus 5.13a/b 9 pitches, The Final Frontier 5.13a/b 9 pitches, The Dream Team 5.13a 10 pitches, Scarface Free 5.12 9 pitches, Wayward Son 5.12 14 pitches, The Crucifix 5.12 5 pitches, Cosmic Debris 5.13b and more. She was recently in Squamish where she repeated a 5.13+ corner – read here.

Earlier today, we reported Babsi Zangerl and Lara Neumeier climbed the 35-pitch Muir Blast into El Corazon at 5.13-, and Miška Izakovičová climbed Golden Gate, a 36-pitch 5.13-. Two weeks ago, we reported about two Canadians free-climbing El Capitan – read here.


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