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Jakob Schubert Livestreams ‘Project Big’ Attempts

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Jakob Schubert is back in Flatanger, Norway trying to send Adam Ondra’s “Project Big”. Yesterday, he livestreamed two of his redpoint attempts of the huge line. Back in March, Will Bosi brought livestreaming to the climbing world while projecting Burden of Dreams V17 in Finland. Thousands would tune in to see if he’d nab the coveted second ascent of the world’s hardest boulder problem.

“Project Big” an epic overhanging line through Flatanger’s Hanshelleren cave first envisioned by Adam Ondra. It’s the king line of the crag, and the last hard project that has not yet seen a first ascent. Ondra bolted the line during the same period in which he bolted Silence 5.15d. Before he sent Silence, Ondra referred to the climb as “Project Hard”, due to it’s fierce boulder problems. He left “Project Big” for a later date as he knew the lengthy route would take a lot of time to compete. It’s possible that it’s as hard or harder than Silence.

There are now three of world’s best sport climbers who have “Project Big” on their project list: Ondra, Schubert, and Seb Bouin. Schubert spent time working “Project Big” with Ondra in late 2022, making significant progress. After a very successful season of comp climbing, he’s back in Flatanger in shape and already giving redpoint attempts. While Schubert currently has no big Flatanger sends to his name, he has climbed up to 5.15c in the past – Perfecto Mundo in Margalef, Spain – in addition to many 5.15a and 5.15b sends.

Jakob Schubert ‘Project Big’ Live Attempt #1

Jakob Schubert ‘Project Big’ Live Attempt #2

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